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Relief from SKUNK odors


PureAyre is the most powerful skunk odor remover you can buy, yet it is food grade safe for people and pets. PureAyre contains NO alcohols or other toxic ingredients.


  PureAyre SKUNK

PureAyre is safe enough to spray directly into your pet's mouth, nose, and ears! That is where pets are most often sprayed - right in the face. No other product can do that!


Skunk spray is an oily substance containing stinky sulfur compounds. PureAyre's proprietary food grade biocatalysts break apart those sulfur compounds so they don’t stink. Odors are eradicated, NOT masked.


PureAyre SKUNK Odor Eliminator Is Versatile

Skunk spray gets in your car, home, clothes, dog beds and all those areas your pets run to for relief.


PureAyre SKUNK eliminates all of those airborne and lingering odors. And, you can spray clothes before washing them.



Car Seats





Dog Beds


Wherever there are skunk odors, just spray them away with PureAyre SKUNK.


A naturally powerful way to safely and quickly eliminate skunk odors from your dogs, other pets, and everywhere your pets go after they are sprayed by a skunk. Removes skunk spray stains, too.


Veterinarian recommended


Size: 22 oz. trigger spray bottle


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