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For Resellers


Sell the Safe Odor Eliminator

When your customers start asking for PureAyre, will they find it on your shelves or site?



Whether you sell to parents or pet lovers or boat owners, your customers can buy the strong yet safe odor eliminator when you offer PureAyre in your store or catalog.



Your customers are trying to go “green,” but they don't want to sacrifice effectiveness for the sake of the environment. Place PureAyre on your store shelves, and help them go green with a product that really works. And when they're buying green, you're seeing green…at the cash register.


Natural Grocery

Your clientele is already safety savvy. After all, if they weren't concerned about the health effects of synthetic chemicals, they wouldn't be your customers. So offer them an odor eliminator that really works but is completely safe. And it really does work!


Pet Stores

Your customers don't want to spray alcohol on their dogs or dump bacteria on their carpets. They just want a pet odor eliminator that works…without any hazards or complications. Offer them PureAyre and earn their approval. For more information, read about why PureAyre odor eliminator is so safe for pets.


Marine and Boating Supply

Are your customers tired of bilge, diesel and head odors? Sell them PureAyre Marine Formula for odor-free boating. No other boat odor eliminator is as strong, safe and fast as PureAyre Marine Formula.


Resellers, Distributors, Catalog and Web Sites

If you're a distributor or reseller interested in offering PureAyre to your customers, give us a call. Other online and offline stores are already offering PureAyre for profit, and you can too! As the only food-grade odor eliminator available, you'll add a unique product to your line-up that your customers will look for and love.


Start selling PureAyre in your store, in your catalog or on your Web site by calling Alice at 253-350-5031.

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