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Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to frequently asked questions about eliminating odors with PureAyre.



Q: Which PureAyre product should I buy – Home, Pet, Skunk or Baby?

A: PureAyre Odor Eliminator is so versatile, many different types of retailers stock it with PureAyre labels specific to their market. PureAyre for your Home, Pet, Skunk or Baby all have exactly the same food-grade enzyme formulation, just different labels for different uses and markets.


Q: What is different about Marine formula?
A: The PureAyre Marine, RV & Camping formula contains 20% more odor-fighting enzymes. Higher enzyme content may be necessary for high concentrations of gasoline, diesel, and other chemical odors that boaters, campers, and RV enthusiasts often encounter. PureAyre Marine, RV & Camping formula is safe for sensitive marine environments.

Q: What odors does PureAyre eliminate?

A: PureAyre can eliminate all organic odors, including cigarette smoke, burned food, vomit, cat urine, cooking odors and more. PureAyre also eliminates many inorganic odors. Click here for a more inclusive list.


Q: How is this different from other products on the market?

A: Where do we begin? You as a consumer have so many choices: air, fabric and carpet “fresheners,” other odor eliminators, ozone generators, air filters…and not one of these options is as effective, as powerful or as safe as PureAyre. See a comparison of PureAyre to other products.


Q: What is in PureAyre?

A: Food-grade plant-derived enzymes in purified water. There are a few drops of peppermint oil for a pleasant scent when you first use PureAyre, and it quickly dissipates within a few seconds.


Q: Is it really all natural?

A: Yes. It really is. In fact, PureAyre is the world's first odor eliminator made only from natural, food-grade ingredients.


Q: How can it be so powerful if it's so safe?

A: We have the capability to bottle just the enzymes, unlike competitors who must include bacteria or alcohol. And the enzymes in PureAyre are specifically targeted to break the bonds of all five groups of odor-causing compounds. In short, PureAyre is a safe, natural product made possible with advanced biotechnology. Bringing together science and nature means we can offer you a product that truly is both strong and safe. To understand why PureAyre is so effective, read more about how it works.


Q: Can I use PureAyre in my carpet shampooer or washing machine?

A: Yes, you can use PureAyre everywhere. If an odor can get into something, so can PureAyre. For specific instructions, read about other odor eliminating uses for PureAyre around the home, and even for commercial odor problems.

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