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Pet Refresher For All Dogs

Dogs smell like dogs for good reason. And sometimes for other reasons. PureAyre Pet Refresher is the all-natural, yet powerful spray-on version of our popular odor eliminating technology. Spray it directly on your dog to get rid of everyday odors, plus stronger odors caused by illness or skunk encounters. It’s perfect for dealing with dire situations, refreshing your dog between baths, or just before company comes. Refresh your pet!




Odor Eliminator For All Dogs

Dogs are fun to have around, but their stinky smells are not. PureAyre’s powerful enzyme-based technology removes all traces of any kind of dog odor, including urine and even skunk. All natural, non-toxic and food-grade safe, PureAyre is the most effective product you can buy to remove stinky dog odors from furniture and car upholstery, bedding, carpeting, cages and kennels…anywhere your dog goes. PureAyre. Because you love your dog but not their odors.


PureAyre is a naturally powerful way to completely eliminate odors on your dog and in your home and car. It removes the smell of urine, skunk spray, vomit, fecal matter and more. PureAyre is non-toxic and even food-grade, so it's guaranteed safe for people, safe for pets, carpets, fabrics and upholstery. PureAyre even removes stains, and it's both cruelty free and veterinarian recommended.


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Don't fill your home with yet another dangerous substance. Eliminate odors and pollutants with PureAyre and breathe pure air.

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